Co-creating Compassionate Communities

We envision 30 million Empowered #CompassionateCitizens in the U.S. by Election Day, 2020.

Uniting "Silos of Compassion"

150+ million registered voters latently support the Campaign for a Citizen Cabinet at

We believe that educating and rallying 30 million of those supporters is critical mass to replace crony capitalism with a wiser democracy (which will expedite the path to a caring culture and economy).

Most of those 30 million are already identified with 3 movement hubs: (50+ orgs).

Catalyzing a culture of compassion (80+ orgs).

Empowering a wiser democracy (200+orgs).

Co-creating a caring economy.

We envision uniting those movements, with the help of 30,000 civic/faith leaders; 10,000 #CompassionateCitizens Meetups; and with signficant funding from Compassionate Realtors.


A compassionate, inclusive World that Works for ALL

Co-created by a Movement of #CompassionateCitizens

Our Mission

Empowering Dialogue Across Diversity

We support the Compassionate Communities campaign at by engaging #CompassionateCitizens (Meetup members) in respectful dialogue across diversity, in order to: 

  1. Reduce suffering (e.g.Hunger, Homelessness, Hopelessness, and Hate).
  2. Unleash the unique assets and gifts of citizens, to co-create their communities.
  3. Collaborate with local leaders in business, government and nonprofits.
  4. Politically empower citizens by educating them about deliberative democracy, where representatives at all levels of government are accountable to the collective wisdom and compassion of their constituents.
  5. Economically empower citizens by educating them about the Triple Bottom Line, where consumers, workers and investors put People and Planet over Profits.

We have created a pilot Meetup group, #CompassionateCitizens Fox Valley, to serve as a template for #CompassionateCitizens Meetups across the country. Meetups engage members in dialogue-across-diversity to co-create compassionate communities that work for all. See

To fund the #CompassionateCitizens movement, www.Connection-Realty will pair #CompassionateCitizens who are buying or selling a home with Compassionate Realtors who generously support our work, and the work of our mission aligned partners.    

Get Involved

We are partnering with organizations and recruiting volunteer civic and faith leaders across Chicagoland to join us in building the movement. By uniting across diversity in Chicagoland, we will help create communities that work for all.

If you are in Chicagoland, join our pilot Meetup and talk to us about other ways to make a difference.

If you are outside Chicagoland, we encourage you to form a #CompassionateCitizens Meetup in your area.

If you are buying or selling home anywhere in the U.S., go to to find a Compassionate Realtor who supports the movement.


Thank You

Whether you participate in respectful dialogue-across-diversity, volunteer your talents, or promote the movement through word of mouth or on social media, we thank you for doing your part to build a community, and a world, that works for all. 

About Us


Lynne Meyer

(volunteer) Executive Director

Lynne is a member of the BMW Foundation's Responsible Leaders Network, with years of experience in the Interfaith Dialogue movement.

Howard Pepper

(volunteer) Co-Director of Interfaith Outreach

Karen Danielson

(volunteer) Co-Director of Interfaith Outreach

Board of Directors

Brione LaThrop

Global Ambassador at Charter For Compassion International

Syda Segovia Taylor

Member of the Baha'i Community and Social Justice Advocate/Consultant

Kirsten Strand

Founder of Community 4:12

Board of Advisors

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Compassionate Citizens Foundation

(630) 362-4663